Dear Esther

Normally after finishing a game I like to wait at least a night before writing any type of thoughts about it. A nights sleep can help you see a bad game in a whole new light, it can shine a whole new perspective on a game you were declaring the Next Best Thing only hours before but, dear reader, after starting Dear Esther and completing it only an hour or so later I can’t seem to wait the words must tumble out of me, my fingers are not my own. I can only watch as they dart across the keyboard, typing words I hadn’t even though of yet. I feel I must fight back to give some sort of back-story to my time with the game you see the game is short but, I have a long history with it, the trailer hitting me so hard on its initial Steam release I watched it again each time disappearing further into the Rabbit whole of what is this game, what is about and who is the narrator. Plus the piece of music played in the trailer might be the saddest thing I have ever heard it hits me, hard every time I hear it. Still I did not buy after watching the trailer again I did a little research only to discover that it was a walking simulator. This was before we knew what they were so I put it of, marked it down in the ”wait for a sale” part of my brain and left it at that. It was only on perusing the latest PSN sale did I spot the game and its low price point did I finally take the plunge .

Why did I wait? Its one of those games that will stay with me for a while. It isn’t just a walking simulator it might be the walking simulator. The main character alone on his deserted island is given over to the players control so completely that you feel you could be walking along beside him, sharing his grief. Trying to help him comfort his pain. You can do none of this of course as all you can do is walk him down his path as if his life is already marked out and he is as much as you following the line as there is nothing else for him to do.

It’s a game I don’t wan to spoil so I will try to not go too far but, the fact that I am sitting here now listening to the excellent soundtrack still trying to let the game sink in. Emotions are still raw and I don’t know how to feel.

If you are on the fence about this game or have played I would love to know your thoughts on it?