5 Times When Only the Melee weapon Will do.

No Gun? No problem.

Not all shooters need bullets. Not all games need guns.

People who have stumbled /read this blog before will probably know that we are fans of the overshare, we somehow manage to give out far too much information, whether it be how bad we are at video games or how we somehow managed to miss out on so many classic games – Still sorry Resident Evil. Among all this over sharing is one of the things we feel most strongly about and that is killing people in video games. We just don’t like it. We do… do it – in some games you just can’t avoid it, but we will try to if we can. That’s why in genres like online shooters our go to character is the medic – why shoot people when you can help keep your team alive? In others we reach for the melee weapons. Here are some of our favourites.

Halo series: The gun stock/butt of the gun

The game that opened my eyes to another way to fight. No longer was I killing wave after wave of enemies. Now with a light bang of the head I could ”knock” them out, then whack the next and the next and…. then I have to throw a grenade and run away. I must admit this strategy doesn’t work quite as well in multiplayer on line. Especially if your playing with a bunch of Snipers.

Half Life 2: The Crowbar

Do you think he talks to it, when no one is looking?

The man holding the crowbar never speaks but his crowbar certainly does. It sings as it hits the nightmare inducing face crab’s. The crowbar helps save Gordon from a face worse than death. That fate is having to try and get what looks like a dead chicken with extendable mandibles off your head. Makes me feel a bit icky even thinking about it. If you think its dead. Hit it again. Make sure its still asleep.

Goldeneye: Slappers only

The power is in your hand now.

Imagine this it’s late, you and your friends have had a few drinks and one of you suggests playing one of the greatest and possibly still the greatest party game of all time.,,, Goldeneye. You’ve played through all the modes before, bar one. Tonight you decide to give that one mode a go and that mode is slaps only. What commences is a strange and ridiculous half hour as four complete idiots try to out slap their opponent’s until one character with cheeks so red they could start a Fire until finally one by one you fall to the ground, eventually only one of you is left standing. Just remember one thing. NO ODD JOB.

Hitman 2: The Fish

Okay so anything in Agent 47 hand’s is a deadly weapon but there is anything more demeaning to killed by then a fish? A fish, my dear friends that was already dead. Imagine the Police trying to explain how you died to your family They will ask how you died only to be told ” by a fish” your family will be puzzled, confusion etched across their faces ” was he in the Sea?” they will ask. No the Police will reply. He was in the supermarket. Could there be a worse way to go?

PUBG: The Frying Pan

I hope it doesn’t kill you

Okay so I have never won a round of PUBG using the Frying Pan but, I have come pretty darn close. Some may run for the guns, others for the baseball bats. Me I am all about the kitchen utensils. Just watch out the next time you run into an empty kitchen I could be hiding right behind the door ready to pop out and knock you out cold.

Now I must dash. I have a real need for Bacon and Eggs.

But before I do go tell me your favourite Mellee weapon in gaming?