Cuphead has finally got a release date. Howrah. rejoice!

Originally set to release on the original Xbox in 2014 has finally got it’s release date and its this very year September the 29th in fact .

Its a game I have been looking forward to immensely ever since it was first announced and one of the reasons I ended up  purchasing an XBox One as it made it’s way onto my  reasons to buy an XBox list. The wonderful hand drawn art style coupled with the funky jazz score had me hooked as soon as I saw the footage

Happy as could be

I was overjoyed.The world looked so wonderful and really led me to believe that it could be a spiritual successor to Micky Mouse: Castle of Illusion a game that still makes me smile even now, with its art style so perfectly fitting the sense of a cartoon come to life and a cartoon you could actually control. Pure bliss. Something about just playing the game immediately relaxes me and leaves with a big, silly smile on my face. Excusing some of the dodgy controls of course.  The recent PS3 remake is even better taking the wonderful art style one step closer to cartoon perfection

So with joy in my heart

I  Sat watching a few  streams of the game, not many, I didn’t want to spoil the game too much and i started to notice a few things, outside of the lovable art design and catch music, all of the streams had one thing in common, the games were hard  not as hard in I will give it a few goes, learn the attacks and then be able to kick the bosses ass hard but as in your about to go on a gaming quest hard, controller smashing with frustration hard, your partner looking at you in a strange way as you scream at the TV hard. Hard as in you may never be able to beat a certain boss  hard. Hard enough to reduce you to tears  and I find myself wondering is that something I want from my games? Do I want to scream at the TV, enrage myself to the point of jumping up and down on the spot just to work the anger through my system to stop having a heart attack? I am normally really mild mannered, honestly.

Maybe there is hope

There could be a way out of this misery. Having perused YouTube this morning I noticed a video by the Outside Xbox team and although at first I watched in dismay ( the video is entitled  5 Cuphead bosses that will ruin your life) almost making the decision that this game is really, really not for me, the presenter showed a snippet of the world map and said that the player will not only be able to ear power ups as we progress through the game but also and here is what made me exited for the game again be able to skip the boss and move onto another in a different part of the map. SO maybe there is hope, maybe. If one boss is too tough maybe we could move on in the hope of finding one slightly easier? Where that leaves us if all the bosses are too hard I don’t know, back to screaming at the TV I guess.Now however, there is hope where there was only sadness, I could even with my less than great ability at game playing be able, on a good day, to get somewhere in this beauty of a game.

Probably not, but maybe

Is It Still Worth Buying Games?

I know, I know, crazy ramblings of a madman but, here me out.

After all as gamer’s is buying games not our raison d’etre. Without buying games, where would our hobby  be? Would you have to find something new to blog about, find a new way to make small talk with strangers? After all everybody has played some sort of a game.

But is that about to change?

I am sure you are aware of the current myriad of  streaming options available.With the so called ”big players” Microsoft, PlayStation and EA. Moving towards what looks like a future based subscription model to at least some degree. With EA in two services in particular now offering a plethora of games. With two services that cover both the PC with Origin access and the X Box with EA Access,  With slightly different games available in each service, it looks like EA have taken the decision to make people want to at least try the two services, I guess once you have taken the option to subscribe to one service, its a lot easier to just give the other ago, if you have the right equipment of course. Much like the way supermarkets put the sweets near the till, knowing that once you have committed to at least one purchase in your mind, its easy to just pick something else up.

Will it work?

I am not sure if the subscription model can work for games though, not if you want people to still commit to that day one purchase, after all a massive amount of revenue must be made in able to keep making games. The AAA releases, the reasons a lot of people buy new consoles and upgrade PC’s cant be cheap to make and if there is no reason to buy a new console or a new graphics card is there any reason to make a new graphically advanced game?

The Majority

of gamer’s aren’t stupid.At least we don’t like to think we are. We also all have backlog beasts around or necks judging us on each new purchase, is that what the subscription model is for? will it help to kill the beast, will subscribing to a service help with the backlog. Out of sight out of mind? I am not sure after all there is always the occasional licensing. Will we constantly be falling fowl of a licence issue, similar to Alan Wake’s sudden departure from Steam? Never quite getting round to all those must games before they leave the service forever. Or will we quickly forget them and move on to our next gaming crush? Who knows,  only time will tell. I do feel however that we are entering an interesting phase with our chosen hobby. With the big established hitters and the little indie darlings able to carve out a much bigger piece of the gaming landscape. With the games in the middle the likes of TitanFall 2 and Sunset Overdrive being left of the shelf by the majority of  gamer’s, with people happy to leave them until they appear on the relevant service and a quick months subscription (which the owners of these services hoping that a month turns into three ) and a game able to die, if its a multi player experience quickly after launch only to be resuscitated a few months later and given a second chance as soon as it hits the subscription pay wall.

It could be good for

Exclusives, a lot of exclusives. With Microsoft looking more likely to step back into the exclusive party and Sony still bringing a lot of exclusives out, the exclusive games, the games you can’t play any where else you could be a major selling point of the services, especially with a version of each service soon to able on PC, giving people that would never normally buy a console or two the chance to play something that they never normally had a chance to play and with the only barrier to these games being a strong enough internet connection, the growth could really explode as internet speeds are increased in towns and cities that have customarily gone for one company over the other

Still only time will tell and maybe we might get something from Steam, and maybe even Nintendo,probably similar to the way that the Humble Bundle subscription works. Where this leaves the new consoles is a conversation for another day 🙂





It’s Time for Another…

Look back into the dark passages of time. To play that which we have just been too lazy to play up until now. Yes it’s time for another Revisit!!!

Exiting? I know

Its time to get comfy, put your feet up and get ready to read the Revisit of Lara Croft: mass murderer, killer of tiny bunnies. Sorry, I meant: Rise of the Tomb Raider

Originally released in November 2015 for the XBOX 360 and XBOX One. Then later in January 2016 for Windows PC and not until October the 26th of the year 2016 for the PlayStation 4 but, at least they got a Zombie mode and all of the DLC and a VR mode so, that kind of made up for the wait right?

This danger simulator was met with overall critical approval upon its release with many gaming websites including GamesRadar and IGN both giving reviews in the positive

In fact the reviews were so positive that I actually went out and purchased an XBOX because of these very same reviews and still poor lonely Lara sat upon her shelf, dreaming of all the people she could kill, giant Bears she could skin and the oh, so many times she would die, falling of a cliff, or not quite making a simple jump and landing head first in a pit of spikes, all because of my simple inability to use a controller.

I digress. The game itself  like its predecessor before it is a thing of beauty from the snowy mountain tops at the start of the game to the warmer second and third acts ( no spoilers here) this is a game that really shows what the tech can do and I can only imaging how beautiful it will look once it gets its inevitable 4K update. Still a game is nothing with out its game-play and this game has it has it spades. The explosive action never really letting up from the get go and only ramping up near its conclusion coupled with a story ripped straight out of any generic action movie the stage, is set for some big dumb fun and fun is what you get over the course of the games run time and your quest to gain the knowledge to find the Diving Source. An artifact so powerful as to grant eternal live to those lucky enough to find it.

Play it Your way,almost

It looks like Crystal Dynamics have listened to a few of the criticisms that people had with the original reboot and made Lara a little less of a murder, gone is the necessity to slip an arrow between the eye of every enemy you meet as you can now play in a slightly more stealthy way (not the forced kind) with environments now slightly more engineered to give the player a little bit more freedom as you can now completely hide behind objects and use them for cover to go round groups of enemies, instead of the usual hide behind rock and jump out at the right time to quickly kill unwitting enemy we are used too.

Of course

There is no real reward for avoiding enemy contact as you not only miss out on enemy loot that can be picked up from enemy corpses and even the slightest mistake, as in miss timed shot or a guard checking up on his comrade not checking in on his radio has led me into on large firefight too many as I tried to sneak round a too large a group only to be foiled at the last minute.

Still love it though

The combat plays second string to how good an acrobat Lara now is,  I watched with a smile slapped across my face as Lara danced along dangerous ledges, pirouetted over deadly chasms all with a single ( well timed) button press from me. With the twelve different zones giving some quite different terrain to explore it was a joy to come to each new obstacle too find new ways and new tools that helped get us across the terrain ever quicker.

Brief Description

Put simply if you like, and enjoy the Uncharted games you will really enjoy this. Lara is straight from the Nathan Drake school of gaming with just a little bit more to like about her than the ever smarmy Mr.Drake.

It’s Finally Happened

It’s (almost) here.

What am i babbling about you rightly ask? I think you already know it’s… the SNES Mini. The was new, then old, now new and tiny, shiny console we didn’t know we wanted. Until we couldn’t get our hands on the NES mini and now we will just buy anything that’s tiny and shiny just to beat the ebayers too it.

Of course we will cherish the little consoles, cradle them like baby kittens as they sit, looking ever so tiny in our hands. Wondering how we ever got so much joy out the games that look so grainy now up against the wonders of the modern age.  We will tell ourselves that we are only buying it for StarFox 2. The first official release for a game that was finished twenty years ago. Rom websites don’t count 🙂

We should not get it just for Star Fox though. We shouldn’t get it just because it will look on the gaming shelf.

We should get it, for one reason. The games on it were great then and are still great now. Okay some maybe a bit basic against games of today. There is one thing, they still have and that is the games, will (I hope) still be great to play and after all, isn’t that we play games in the first in the first place? Of course we love the escapism, but would we enjoy that escape unless the games were worth escaping too?

Plus the games are great. Just have a little look at a few of games included below

  1. Mario Kart. The only that I am most looking forward to. I love this game, its my favorite Mario Kart and one of my all time party games. Really enjoyable in single player as well.
  2. Street Fighter 2. Perfect the fighting game that started the explosion of the genre. Absolutely perfect for button mashers and combo kings a like. Another great for a party.
  3.  F Zero. You will laugh, you will cry. You will swear. A lot. Its tough, its unforgiving but still one of the finest racers ever made.
  4. Super Punch out. Brilliant at the time and probably still brilliant now. Another multiplayer joy
  5. The Legend of Zelda- a link to the past. Completed Breath of the wild already? Then go back and re-play this masterpiece of a Zelda game setting the standard for Zelda games to come.

That’s only 5. There are so many more games on the console itself, including those two Star Fox games. That I think it may sell out even quicker than the tiny NES. I wonder how many of us, will get one this time around?



Can’t Let, won’t let go

firstly a disclaimer. I live in a small flat and do not have the room. Right, now that’s out of the way

Old consoles. I love you, new consoles come join us, the more the merrier.

I just can’t stop, can’t let go. It’s my problem, my addiction, to list a few of the ones under my bed we have an Atari XE, Master System, Mega Drive, N64 and a Wii and that’s just the ones that I know where they are, there are a few more boxed up in the garage. I don’t know why I have them, haven’t played on any of them for years. I am not a collector ( although appreciate the work you guys put in) so why do I have them? Especially as, and this is going to sound really stupid, I don’t actually know where most or any of the games. Told you it would sound stupid.

I should move them onto to better homes to people who can take proper care of them but I just can’t the memories are just too strong, growing up playing River Raid on the XE to Road Rash on the Mega drive these were experiences that shaped me developed me into who I am today. Every time I pick up a console the memories come floding back. The nights spent playing multi-player Bomberman, Super Monkey Ball and of course all the endless hours spent playing Ballon battle on Super Mario Kart.

Thats why I kept them to remind me of the past the good times and the bad.

Now if someone could just tell my wife.

Thanks fo reading

Fantasia Music Evolved

Wave those Hands in the Air


A little self indulgence in here.  Please forgive me ☺️

In fact’ I’m going to say something that is not too popular on this site or really any other for that matter.

I quite like  the Kinect. There i have said it. Internet shame befall me, actually that’s not quite true. What I do like about the Kinect, is the games they are silly, sometimes don’t or won’t work in the right way of sometimes even at all, but, their great, silly gaming fun.

One game to rule them all

of course. Even with the small library of games the Kinect does have one still sticks out in my mind as the best of the bunch and that, as you may have noticed from title is Fantasia Music Evolved and yes it, very loosely based on the Disney film of the same name. The game itself is, very fun. It’s asks nothing more if you than the ability to flail yours arms about in sort of time too any number of songs, most you will know and doesn’t even need that much floor space to play. With a really goofy major story that really just acts as a tutorial for the wet of the game, which is one of two things either two player multiplayer where two people an play against each other on the same song, competing toget the highest score or the version me and my friends like to play where each person picks a song like or are just familiar with and really gets into the mood and just goes for it enjoying their moment as the crazy conductor. Trust me if you have the game try getting used to a few of the classical piecies once, the song clicks the pure joy of just hitting the motions on screen to the sounds of the piece, is afeeling to behold.

my little gaming the secret, the little Kinect



The HD Remaster

The old is again the new

Oh hearing that the Shadow of the Colossus is going under the knife for the now standard HD Remaster ” this time built from the ground up”

I started to ponder. Pondering firstly as to whether or not to rush straight out and buy the game as soon as its released or to leave it and not put myself through that pain again, those of you that have played the game in either its original release or the PS3 HD remaster will know what I mean, where the game is incredible, its one that I at least found incredibly hard to play.

What’s with all the remakes?

Whats the point? We already have enough games and enough great games at that. Why remake games that people have already played, apart from profit of course. A re-release of a property you already own has got to be a lot cheaper that developing a new mascot or any type of game, but does it really make enough money, the hope being that enough people will buy into the franchise giving it a new lease of life. Only time will tell. But, does the medium really need a new Ratchet and Clank, a Crash Bandicoot or a Shadow of the Colossus, will the experiences still be as good as they were, with people able to play them and not having to reflect pack with the luxury of the Rose tinted spectacles.

Not that I would ever tell anyone what to play. We are lucky we enjoy a medium that is rich, with new experiences being developed all the time, with new experiences covering all manner of tastes. It doesn’t matter what you play as long as you enjoy playing it.

Keep gaming